I’m British and Embarrassed of My Country

I am finding it hard to be proud of my heritage. You see my father is English and my mother is Scottish but I have spent my whole life living in England and not spent that much time in Scotland, only for a few nights to see family when possible. I have always loved our country for being so mixed, very culture friendly and open to different races as well as different religions. To me that is what makes us so great and mighty compared to other countries. The proudest so far would be when we accepted same sex couples can marry the same as a man and a woman can, it was an amazing move and the right thing to do.

But I am seeing my country's true colours. The real people of our country. The ones who dislike all the non-whites, the Muslims, the Europeans, the gays, it is heart breaking. I have friends who are gay so when I see people saying that gays are wrong and shouldn't be allowed to marry and so on I feel somewhat ticked off. Maybe I am programmed differently to these people but what's the problem? Okay so this couple have two penises and no vaginas thus cannot be in love, right? Wrong! It doesn't matter what is in their pants and it doesn't matter they cannot pro-create. Have these people seen our adoption and foster care here in the UK? There's perfectly good and lovely children in need of homes and whether they are two men or two women they will be a perfectly normal and loving family without disgraceful opinions of gays and lesbians.

Muslims are always an issue, right? I mean they are always trying to blow stuff up, hide away in weird outfits and move here to take over our country, yeah? God sake how stupid can you be to think like that. Firstly I suggest those who have some sort of fear or hatred for Muslims they read up on the 9/11 attacks as that's where the present day hate of them stems from (by the way I think what happened that day was one of the most awful moments I have seen in my life, having watched it live as a child) because I believe there may be some misconceptions that need looking at. Also religions are actually similar to one another. I was lucky as a child to have gone to a temple that was just down the road from my school. They were very open to a bunch of White Christian children and teachers coming as long as we were quiet and when speaking just asked to speak calmly not loudly. Politeness really. I remember that temple very well and how amazing it was. So when I see in the new Europeans (mostly English) people attacking temples with explosives or demotrating outside them I am outgraged because if they just went inside they would see it for its wonders and feel the same aura you feel when entering a church. And the burka? You people won't be happy until everyone is in a god damn vest and jeans combo, cheap ale in one hand and a cigarette in the other. We are unique people and can wear what the bloody hell we like, regilous reasons or not.

The Europeans thing confuses me as well. When English people hear Polish people talk they tell them to speak English. These tend to be the sort who go to Spain for a boozy weekend away and then talk to Spanish LIKE.THEY.ARE.DUMB.DO.YOU.UNDER.STAND? How about ignoring the booze for a moment, picking up a book and learning just a few basic sentences.

Tienes cerveza? Quisiera uni cerveza por favor. Cuánto cuesta? Gracias.

I'm fed up of seeing so many disgusting comments being made my English people. They make the rest of us look like low-life racists with a low IQ and no kindness in our hearts. Keep your offensive words off the news sites, stop abusing others because they aren't the same as you and go educate yourself.

Helen is out. PEACE!


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