Crapper News – The Quality of Our Media

I have been seeing more and more poor quality news from news companies that I would expect better from. I couldn't think of a decent name for this type of news so coined up Crapper News because it is often full of crap and probably better kept in the bathroom serving as toilet paper (don't try this as it will clog your toilet!) so it made sense as a nickname for this kind of journalism.

Most of these poor quality news articles are just simple issues but they are very important in their role. It is the infamous headline. Yes you know the sort, they catch your eye and you find yourself going “what?!” before you have even read the full story you are filling up with rage and anger. An example the Birmingham Mail (they love doing this!) recently posted an article about a driver who crashed into another car and the woman in that car sadly died. The headline just said he got out of court a free man. Instantly the comments are of rage and hoping someone kills him. Actually if people read more than this poorly written headline they would know he suffered a seizure and was unconscious when they got to him in his car thus put down as accidental death. Whilst a sad story and I feel for the family of the woman I feel for the man himself, this badly written bit of news makes him out to be the bad guy and yet I can bet you he feels guilty for what happened that day even though he could not have done anything to have changed what happened.

Other poor bits of news that dot around the internet and print are the fabricated stories. Example would be a certain news cooperation who wrote a totally untrue article about a celebrity's fiance's mother. Now I don't think celebrity information is newsworthy (that stuff can stay in Heat and Hello magazines please!) but I certainly do not agree with bringing celeb's families or close relatives into their shady line of work and moreso if they use them in a fake story. Can you imagine if some big news corp wrote an article about your sibling/mother/children/in-laws/cousin that was untrue? It affects their lives and yours too. It's cruel and not news, it's just pure crap.

Finally I will leave this here. Anything owned by Murdoch. Anything he has in his grasp is likely to be under this category of Crapper News. I'm not just talking about print or internet, the news channels are also part of this. And if it isn't news he owns it's something else trying to be unfair and unjust. Can you tell I have a hatred for this man? It started during my studies at college when I had a whole assignment on him and by the end of it I almost lost the desire to be part of the media industry. He's just vile. And the day The News of the World closed down I couldn't have been happier. One less area of income for that prat.

And there you have it. My thoughts on this new quality of poor quality news. Though I know some is not new but it certainly feels like it has become almost the only style of news you can find unless you only read or watch the BBC.

Helen it out, PEACE!

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