Bloggers Guide to Being a Blogger

I’m writing this on both my blogs as it slightly overlaps. On my Media blog I have it here because it is about technology that is strong within the media industry and many journalists these days start out as small time bloggers. However I am also posting it on my parenting blog because the reasoning behind this is due to someone in the mummy bloggers thinking she can act a certain way.

Firstly I will begin with saying mummy bloggers are NOT what you all picture. We aren’t at home drinking wine, reading Fifty Shades of Grey, have a perfect home and perfect children and lead a life that would make you weep and wish for that way of living. It’s not like that at all. For starters that book is crap and I cannot remember what a dining table is for… you put random stuff on it and leave it there for months, right? Anyway we aren’t all perfect mothers with perfect lives and our hands in our panties as we re-watch the trailer to Fifty Shades of Grey. We’re just as normal as any other mother or father in the world.


Anyway on to the real issue at hand. There’s a manner of which bloggers should speak, act and so on. This isn’t really about the blog they write but more the social media they are apart of. Twitter is by far the most powerful social media for many bloggers. You have the power to say what you want on most devices so if you are in a shop looking at an amazing dress and want to tell people about where they can buy it then BOOM tweet it and suddenly people read it, retweet it, tweet back and so on. But bloggers know there’s certain ways you cannot speak, such as anyone with an office job would never go up to their boss and say our loud “you are not worth my time so shut up!” or whatever. You just don’t do that because it’s just plain rude and improper.

For many bloggers their blog is their job. So we act like we would act at any day job, like a normal human being should act. Here’s a tweet that really got me outraged and wanted people to understand this is NOT how bloggers talk to other human beings.

Now I have no idea why the amount of followers means they are less worthy of a person. To give you an idea this is because she didn’t get to become an Ambassador for a well known company and is saying they lied to her (again and again, you’d think she would learn!). She has gone on to tell me she will sue me if I mention her name. Mature, eh? Fact is I actually can if I wanted to but I happen to wish to give people some dignity, whether they deserve it or not.

There’s a type of Blogger real Bloggers cannot stand. We call them “Blaggers” as all they do is Take Take Take (that should be there’s motto!) and expect brands give them everything whether they are old or new. Firstly it doesn’t work that way. Brands get emails from Bloggers all the time and most of them now resort to collecting information to return to some of those they believe could be good for their brand. Reviews are an example. We get sent a product and to them brands are welcome to a good or bad review. Infact I had a review that wasn’t gleaming and the company were very thankful of my honest review and took my opinions into account. But I have also had companies who have not replied to me, not made me their ambassador or whatever even after spending ages filling in forms and praying to the Blog Gods. And you know what? I don’t mind. No real Blogger does mind (may be a tad jealous though but we’ll get over it!).

Example… A fellow Blogger (she’s a good friend too) has been super lucky to work with a brand that has offered her an electric car to borrow for a while and review it. Now I am all about going green and writing about reduce, reuse and recycle so the idea of an electric car would be gravy candy on top (sounds gross but I would still eat it) and I admittedly to being jealous to her. Did I throw a paddy? No. Did I go on Twitter/Facebook and bitch about how that company owe me for all my work as a blogger and how dare they overlook me? No. For starters she has worked just as hard (harder actually) on her blog that she truly deserve that chance. And when she finishes the review I will read it and probably drool, but I know it’ll be a great post from a great writer and video blogger.

So to sum it up… How do you be a Blogger?

- There’s thousands like you out and you should not let that bother you.
- Enjoy blogging as a hobby or as a job.
- Don’t expect to get something because you are “someone” because… See first bullpoint.
- Remember to act how you expect others should treat you, respect and kindness goes a long way.
- Write your thoughts! Don’t worry you won’t get sued (unless you’re French with a high Google Ranking).
- Your opinions are yours, others may not like them and if you can take those into account you’re on the right track to being a kickass blogger.

Helen is out. PEACE!


  1. Thank you so much for writing this, I don’t have my own blog so don’t have the space to say everything I wanted but this sums it up perfectly xxxx

  2. Well written. There’s a lot of bloggers out there who expect a living but not all deserve it. Very, very few write well and very few could convince me to buy a product. And from now on, I’ll always read their tweet histories :)

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