Helen studied Media Studies for 3 years and decided to setup a personal blog to write about her journey. Part of her studies included video, radio, photography, mass media, the internet and graphic design. Helen has always been a fan of photography (always running off with her dad’s SLR camera and taking photographs of her family members without them realising) but found she was actually a fan of media as a whole.

In 2010 Helen gave birth to her first child and found her calling in the parenting industry as well as eco-friendly products when she begun using cloth nappies and products that were kind to her son’s skin who suffers with eczema and has been lucky to meet with brands from cloth nappies, organic clothing and traveled to meet big brands who work with parents and small children.

Her connections grew and was doing public speaking about the environment, cloth nappies and once a year has enjoyed being interviewed by Peter Levy of Look North and BBC Radio Humberside & Lincolnshire about Real Nappy Week and how parents can help reduce waste in their local area.

Over the years the media world has changed and expanded into new forms such as social media. Keeping up with the changes Helen has experience with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. All these platforms are unique in their own ways but once understood and mastered these can become vital to running a business.

If you’d like to get in touch feel free to email Helen with any questions you may have.

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